Me Again

Hi, I am Kevin Godoy. A 24 years old Computer Scientist (2017, Cum laude honors) . I started developing since I stumbled upon Neopets in the early 2000s and accidentally discovered that you could modify your own Neopets  WebPages, So I spent a great chunk of my childhood playing with HTML , CSS and trying to make sense of javascript (Don’t worry, It’s been almost 20 years and I am still trying to make sense of javascript).

Later, for years I tried to make my own desktop programs but failed the compilation process every single time(Could not make heads or tails of wahtever the compiler errors wwere saying), I tried everything that was hot at the time, and old versions of java, to no avail. I kind of got away of development thinking it was simply impossible or for "natural born geniuses", and spent a long period time where I didn’t develop or tried to make anything, except for the usual blogger or customize whatever social media that was hot at the time.

Then I was set on becoming an accountant (even got a Technical advanced high school Degree and internships done). At the last minute after High school I decided to make the jump in college and Study Computer Science  instead, following my passion, but that was not the end of it.

Games And Apps

You can always check the list of Games And Apps too see what I am working on, you can select each individual item and see more details  about it.