Apex Particle Main Screen


Apex Particle Shooter, A frantic, crazy , fast paced shooter bullet hell game or Shoot ‘Em Up , cross over 25 incredible looking levels and music tracks to beat the scores and enemies in your way. Developed exclusively for the xbox one Under the Xbox Live creators Program, and Windows 10 Enabled Devices. 

Clear the levels to unlock new ones, there is a total of 28 levels, special backgrounds and music tracks, each made according to one another to give a better playing experience.

Apex Particle Objectives Screen

Every level has its own objectives and difficulties, each one being harder than the last one, to keep progressing only clearing the level is necessary.

Apex Particle Gameplay

Apex Particle fast gameplay will keep you always on the edge, the game is generally difficult, but it is beatable nonetheless, as you keep playing and memorizing movement patterns and weaknesses you will beat the scores more easily.

Apex Particle Dead Screen

 Developed exclusively for the  Xbox One and windows app store, Utilizing LLMS for Music, and Unity3d 5.6 as the main engine. This project was developed originally for the contest “Dream Build. Play. 2017 Competition” by Microsoft, but later was repurposed for a normal release later as development went on.

Apex Particle Store ListingThe game was finally released on Saturday, April 28th, 2018. With a slightly different, demo version on the store.