Apex Particle Zero Main Screen


Hall of Maat is A Maze-solving 3D Dual stick shooter with bullet hell and puzzle elements minigame. cross over 100 incredible looking maze floors. Developed For the PC. 

Clear the current maze floor to go up to a new one, there is 100s of floors, special backgrounds, each floor is generated automatically by an algorithm that distributes the bonuses around.

Apex Particle Objectives Screen

Enjoy the Cutscenes, and the Story behind the Hall of Maat, Every Floor has its own difficulties, each one being larger than the last one, to keep progressing only reaching the exit "Up" of the maze is necessary.

Apex Particle Gameplay

Hall of Maat Egyptian Setting and gameplay will keep you hooked, the game difficulty gets harder as you advance, and the mazes evolve as you progress.

Apex Particle Dead Screen

 Developed for the  PC and in mind, Utilizing the Unity Store for assets, and Unity3d 2019.2 as the main engine. This project was developed originally as a prototype concept in 2018, but ended up becoming its own game in 2019.

Apex Particle Store ListingThe minigame was finally released on December, 2019. Across different stores.