How to fix the Xbox live Unity Plugin with IL2CPP Scripting Backend compatibility issues

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After the Xbox Live Creators Program went up, several developers started porting their games to the Xbox One Platform to be released under the Creators Collection of the store, but some started experiencing certain problems while running the game on the console, I personally encountered a couple of them while porting Apex Particle, In this series of posts I will the cover the ones that seems to be the most problematic in the unity forums that doesn’t seem to be solved in any other part of the internet. As usual, there are several solutions you could try and I am always open to changes and recommendations in the comments section, Let’s Begin.

Note: At the moment of this post an actual release (not beta nor pre-release) that included full compatibility for IL2CPP has been released for Unity, but feel free to use the one you are used to, as this release changed a lot the way the plug in worked and several prefab within it.

One of the main requirements of the Xbox Live Creators Program  is that every game must first connect to Xbox live, request the user to log in and finally display his User Info (Gamertag, Image and Gamer score) before actually starting any kind of game play, To do so, users are encouraged to use the Xbox Live Unity Plug in By Microsoft (links to Github), that makes the connection, login and display of data as easy as dragging and dropping a prefab into the scene, however, As unity versions and backend scripting configurations keep splitting up, There have been some known compatibility issues that lasted for  couple of months before being addressed, that affected projects that for one reason or another, required the usage of IL2CPP as Scripting backend (Mostly Post processing Effects and an actual data serialization). Lateron , The Team behind the Plugin Finally released a Prerelease update of the plugin that added compatability to the Scripting Backend.

Compatibility Table
Compatibility Table, As seem on the Official documentation

As long as you have an updated version of unity (2017.2.0p2 onwards), you can make use of the plugin,To download it, simply enter the Github Repo under the Releases and Search The V-1802 Pre-Release, Here, Download XboxLive.unitypackage, and add it to your project. Using this version you should not encounter any compiling errors while building target for Windows 10 Universal Platform.

Microsoft Provides a Step by Step guide of how to add and configure the plug-in  in  the official documentation, which is extremely easy to follow, with Gifs and comments on the go, you can find it here .

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