Xbox One / VideoGame 

Apex Particle Zero

Originally started as a Re-Imagining of Apex Particle for Xbox one, It ended up being its own game, A 3D rail shooter with bullet hell elements. Developed for Xbox/PC platform, Utilizing Unity 2017 as the main engine.

Tower Main Screen

PC / MiniGame 

Hall of Maat

Hall of Maat is A Maze-solving 3D Dual stick shooter with bullet hell and puzzle elements. Developed for the PC platform, Utilizing Unity 2019 as the main engine.

Tower Main Screen

PC / Visual Novel 

The Prisoners Tower

Originally started as a single concept cutscene developed in Unity3d, A First person dungeon Crawling game with Visual novel elements.Developed for the PC platform, Utilizing Unreal Engine as the main engine.

Tower Main Screen

Videogame  / Xbox One

Apex Particle

Apex Particle Shooter, A Shoot 'Em Up game with over 25 levels. Developed exclusively for the Xbox one &  Windows app store, Utilizing LLMS for Music, and Unity3d 5.6 as the main engine. This project was developed originally for the contest "Dream Build. Play. 2017" by Microsoft.

Unreleased / Concept

Cinematic Escape

The Cinematic Escape, is a less than a minute short that utilizes several technologiese, made with Unity3d 2018.1.1f personal edition as the main engine.The concept evolved to become "The Prisoners Tower".

End of Cinematic

Videogame / Android / W8.1

One Million Bullet Shooter

Play through the 3 modes of the Boss, easy, medium hard and defend the earth!. My First Videogame, made with unity personal edition 5.6 and later released for android 4.0 and Windows 8.1, 10 and Mobile. Music Made using Garage Band iOS.

App / Universal Windows


My most successful app with over 2500 Downloads! Reflect-IT, an Utility App that allows you to see the specs of Hardware and Software. Built for Windows 10 Devices (10240 or older)  using VS15, logos and images made in a vector online editor.

Laravel App / Website

(Project Manager) Proyectos Beca Occidente

Project Served as a Cum Laude Thesis to receive my college title as a computer scientist in 2017.It allows you to make CRUD Operations related to several aspects in project managing, while visualizing it in real time with google charts. Built for web (Desktop and Responsive), Multiuser, for a real client using Laravel 5, SQLite, Azure Cloud Services, Atlassian BitBucket, VS code, Html5, Js, and Bootstrap.

Tech Blog / App / Website /  Windows 8.1 (deprecated-Offline)

Technology news site, aimed towards latin american and hispanic audiences. Project developed and maintained over the course of six months, covering the latest tech news, videogames and apps in the different markets. Built for the web using google`s blogger technology, also for Windows 8.1, 10 Devices (10240 or older)  using VS15, logos and images were made in a vector online editor.

 Website Support / App  /  Windows 8.1 / Android (Apps)

Spanish Speaking oriented Tales, Stories and Writing blog, with over 3000-5000 daily visits from spain, chile , colombia and méxico created and maintained by Sir Helder Amos. Apps for the website were developed for the  android 4.0 platform, now with over 1500 installs, using google`s firebase for notification systems in android Studio, also for Windows 8.1, 10 Devices (10240 or older)  using VS15, logos and images were provided by its owner.