Project Manager Main Screen

(Project Manager) Proyectos Beca Occidente (Beca occidente,C.A is a Burger King subsidiary/franchise owner company in my country) is a Laravel made application, that served as a Cum Laude Thesis to receive my college title as a computer scientist in 2017.It is a web based project management system that allows you to make CRUD Operations related to several aspects related to projects, while visualizing it in real time with google charts.

Project Manager Login

Built for web (Desktop and Responsive), to handle Multiple user types, for a real client using Laravel 5 as php framework, SQLite for database needs, Azure Cloud Services for hosting, Atlassian BitBucket as a distributed version control system, alongside with VS code as IDE, and the usual trio of Html5, Js, and Bootstrap.

Project Manager Forms

The project was developed over the course of 3 Semesters, using the Extreme Programming (XP) Methodology, that allowed quick prototyping and release iterations, benefiting from the unstable and sudden changes in requirements and the environment by the client.

Project Manager Gantt Diagram

The software allows management to see a globalized vision of the current state of projects in the company, in the form of Gantt Diagrams to see the timelines, with their budgets, providers, clients and key employees. 

Project Manager Providers

After the project finished development, all six modules with full functionality were given to the client, along with the user manual and installation procedures, which were later evaluated by a College committee and approved,  I was given the title of Computer Scientist with Cum laude honors.