Reflect-IT Main Screen

Reflect-IT, a Universal Windows only App that allows you to see the specs of Hardware and Software of your Windows 10 Device. Check out in this Utility app some of the information of the device you install it.

Reflect-IT Menu
Listed Features
+ Hardware Analyzer
+ Attached Devices
+ Cpu Information
+ Sensor Data
+ Friendly UI
+ Network & Data Information
+ System Information
+ Display and Screen properties
Reflect-IT Info
Built for Windows 10 Devices (10240 or older) in mind, using .Net Core for most of the  hardware api calls,but for  some of the most deep hardware info native calls were required with P/Invoke, in  Visual Studio 15,the  logos and images were  made in a vector online editor.This app was created because of a growing dissatisfaction with the number of apps in the store that did not provide full hardware information about your devices.
Reflect-IT About
Reflect-It was released on June, 2016, and so far is my most successful app yet, with over 2000 downloads. This was also one of my first applications on any store.